People who overconsume deserving of criticism

Re: All creatures deserve protection, Letters, Sept. 15.

To the Editor,

Re: All creatures deserve protection, Letters, Sept. 15.

Holden Southward’s letter to the editor was one of the most intelligent, gentle and compassionate letters I have read in a long time.

I too believe in God and am saddened over the arrogance of many people who claim to believe in God and think that this makes them worth more than other self-aware creatures, and gives them freedom to use and abuse all other creatures.

Millions of animals get bred, raised and slaughtered without ever experiencing such basics as sunlight, or the freedom to use their legs or wings in their short, sad life.

Thousands of tons of food, including meat, gets discarded every day in our overconsuming, wasteful society. So many animals are stripped of their basic needs, have to suffer through their short lives, until they get killed to produce food, which then gets discarded, because it didn’t sell/was contaminated/left over.

If you want to have an example in your close neighbourhood, ask your fast-food clerk what happenes to all those chicken wings that didn’t sell after being heated.

Ruth Bard is criticizing the folks who try to stop the slaughter of dolphins in Japan while at the same time there are people starving in Africa. Maybe she should criticize all the people who overconsume, waste and throw out tons and tons of food, while there are people starving in Africa.

Thank you to Holden Southward for his well-written letter. People like this truly make this planet a better place.

T.V. Heipel