People in need a gain, not a drain

NANAIMO – Re: Take on welfare insults recipient, Letters, May 7.

To the Editor,

Re: Take on welfare insults recipient, Letters, May 7.

Perhaps Tom Fletcher could use a walk in someone else’s shoes such as the month of living on welfare that Jagrup Brar, NDP MLA for Surrey-Fleetwod,did last year.

Donna Nordstrom’s letter describes how difficult it is to live on the present subsistence-level system. The availability of assistance to those who need it on an emergency, short-term and long-term basis for varieties of reasons makes our society, as a whole, much stronger as “you are only as strong as your weakest members” and “whoever gives to the poor shall lack nothing.”

Many who need a hand out and a hand up contribute greatly to society in ways other than monetarily, and should be recognized as a gain rather than a drain.

Abusers of the system will, and do, get cut off, and in comparison to elsewhere previously proven wasted tax dollars, I prefer mine to assist those in need.

Heather Carr