Peaceful protests over historic heist

Peaceful protests are being held in over 190 countries worldwide.

To the Editor,

Peaceful protests are being held in over 190 countries worldwide. One by one, people are standing up against the one percent who own and control the vast riches of the world.

Thirty years ago, huge corporations began amalgamating. These multi-national conglomerates then proceeded to infiltrate various countries.

They bought off many politicians or ran their own people. They then proceeded to change the environmental laws and the labour codes. They stripped countries of their natural resources and put the masses into poverty.

At one time, corporations got a tax break, with the understanding that they provide jobs. These conglomerates pocket the money, paying little or no taxes, and provide little or no jobs.

They have no loyalty to any country, let alone their people. They are a unit, loyal only to greed, and they couldn’t care less who or what they destroy in their quest.

The ongoing protests are against this one per cent.

They are not against business or corporations loyal to their countries and that pay their dues.

There are a few people who don’t fully understand the issues and seem to be always highlighted in the news.  But the vast majority of the protesters worldwide understand the magnitude of the biggest heist in history.

Irene Jacobson