Parking problems detract from summertime fun downtown

We’re trying to attract visitors, and the rest of us to our downtown.

To the Editor,

A friend and I were fortunate to attend the wonderful, and free, Summertime Pops By The Sea earlier this month. It was at the ever-lovely Maffeo Sutton Park, in Nanaimo. The weather was perfect and there was lots of free parking.

When we arrived at the parking entrance at  5 p.m. (show was to start at 6 p.m.), we were turned away by a sign indicating the parking lot was full. I saw a sprawling parking lot with lots of unoccupied spaces, so I asked the attendant at the entrance what was going on, and he said that the spaces were being saved for people with disabilities.

Being a good citizen, I moved along Comox Road and found a  spot across from the park. I didn’t spot a sign that said I couldn’t park there, so I did (lucky me I thought). Not so. Robbins Parking did its usual fine job, and ticketed me. I went back the next day, to see if there really was a sign. There was. The owner of the property made sure he was covered for every day of the week.

The concert was a fundraiser, and everyone gave something to the volunteers, who were collecting, to support this special event.

We must be wary of taking advantage of anything we do in this city, even on a summer Saturday night, especially when we’re trying to attract visitors, and the rest of us to our downtown.

Beverly KarmanNanaimo