Parents’ influence important to teens

NANAIMO – Re: Police catch teen suspect in assault, April 9.

To the Editor,

Re: Police catch teen suspect in assault, April 9.

When I was growing up, I seldom, if ever, got into trouble.

But if I did, my father gave me the punishment that fit the misdeed and I learned not to repeat it.

My father never had to call the police because he took care of business and I never ended up doing time in the juvenile justice system.

I had loving and concerned parents, but what happened to this 16-year-old teenage male?

Was it a case of misguided peer pressure? An influence by TV, movies or video games?

Or was it his parents’ fault for failing to properly educate their son to respect all people, especially women? Obviously, yes, to the last question.

No mater what, this so-called Youth Criminal Justice Act is nothing but a piece of paper with far too many loopholes.

It needs a dose of reality as well as the proper tools to get the job done right.

Not all teenagers are bad. Most are just trying to fit into this wacky society we live in.

Al Munro