Other people’s cash eventually runs out

Re: Monetary crisis not driven by socialist ways, Letters, July 5.

To the Editor,

Re:  Monetary crisis not driven by socialist ways, Letters, July 5.

This letter made the bizarre claim that, “Socialism is about taking care of people.”

Many people know how socialism “takes care” of them.

The list includes: the generation of eastern Europeans who fought to be free of socialism; the billion people who suffered under socialism over the past century, particularly the 100 million people the socialists murdered; and now millions of Africans starving under socialist governments in what were once fertile capitalist countries.

The government debt crisis in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain shows how socialism harms entire nations.

Socialism is a grave threat right here and now. With an NDP provincial MLA and NDP federal MP, Nanaimo has a 16 per cent unemployment rate, the same as Greece.

The municipal government is using the ‘alternative approval process’ to take as much money as it can from residents. The Community Charter Act provides no cap on this taxation.

Every man, woman and child in B.C. owes $16,500 in federal debt and $9,000 in provincial debt. Government spending is saddling future generations with crippling debts.

We must stop following the catastrophic path of the socialist countries. Yet the HST referendum ignores the urgent need to reduce government spending. It only provides two choices:  Overspend and pay more now (HST), or overspend and use debt to make our children pay more later (PST).

As former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Bart Jessup

Gabriola Island