Officer a credit to his profession

NANAIMO – Re: Employees, police thwart brazen theft, May 9.

To the Editor,

Re: Employees, police thwart brazen theft, May 9.

While shopping in Canadian Tire May 7, I was witness to the theft suspect being confronted by the store manager.

He was professional in the way he dealt with the situation, as were the several male staffers who surrounded the suspect.

The suspect was belligerent and threatening and seemed hell bent on getting out of the store.

It was then that the real superstar of the situation entered. An impressive,  young RCMP officer – who was off duty and shopping with his wife – got involved.

With exceptional verbal skills, he managed to calm a worsening situation within seconds, arrest the suspect and detain him until a police car and uniformed member arrived.

The off-duty officer was professional and his actions were commendable. He is indeed a credit to the RCMP and I for one am pleased we have members like that serving our community even when off-duty.

Thanks to his actions, a potentially damaging situation was avoided.

Pat Murphy