North-end residents must demand change

Re: City hears social housing concerns, Sept. 27.

To the Editor,

Re: City hears social housing concerns, Sept. 27.

Have our city officials completely lost their minds?

Is the space between their collective ears just as big and empty as their latest proposal to put a wet house near two schools and next door to 300 defenceless seniors?

Aren’t we as parents trying our best to keep our kids away from the negative influences of drugs?

How convenient is it that the city installed a pathway from the schools that empties right out near the newly proposed drug house which hundreds of school students will pass by every day?

And keep in mind that the tenants of this proposed wet house will be hard-core drug users who do not want to change nor do they even need to change as a condition to be able to live there.

Will the 7-Eleven parking lot be the new place to buy their drugs? Or will it be more convenient for them just to buy them in front of where they live?

One would think it would be a reasonable request for Mayor John Ruttan to at least look into the matter of reversing their decision concerning the proposed site.

Upon speaking with one Nanaimo lawyer, he feels that the site can certainly be changed if enough people band together and demand it.

It is up to all north-end residents who will be affected by the location of this wet house to demand the change.

S.J. Barber