North-end dam jab not appreciated

NANAIMO – Re: Colliery’s lakes best swim option, Letters, June 13.

To the Editor,

Re: Colliery’s lakes best swim option, Letters, June 13.

Neil Saunders  throws out an implication that if the Colliery dams were in the north end of the city the attitude of council would be different.

I find these barbs to be both petty and irresponsible.  Not everyone in the north end is, for example, thrilled with all the traffic generated by the big box stores.

Not everyone is rich – as with any community, all areas of the city have nice people and not so nice people, well kept properties and rundown properties.

A year ago I was at a city-organized meeting where an out-of-town guest speaker made a comment about people from the north end not visiting the downtown core.

I spoke up about this totally misguided and uncalled for comment. Whether the speaker heard this from a Nanaimo resident or not is beside the point. He should have checked facts first.

The City of Nanaimo has been described as being half an hour long and 10 minutes wide, but it is still one city.

Please treat it as such in thought, word and deed.

Bill Gard