New PM reflects Canada’s values

Justin Trudeau reflects the values of a new generation and these are liberal values as young people are more open-minded.

To the Editor,

Justin Trudeau’s election could best be described as a beautiful spring morning. The sun is shining, the flowers and trees are all blooming, the birds are singing. and the water is like a piece of glass.

The vise put on Canadians by the steely, determined Stephen Harper to force Conservative values down their throats is gone.Freedom at last and what a relief.

Justin Trudeau reflects the values of a new generation and these are liberal values as young people are more open-minded and compassionate toward new, evolving ideas and scientific research.

Conservative ideology is in decline in North America and this is a real problem for Conservative/Republicans that is only increasing as older voters die off.

Hopefully Trudeau can reverse the damage from Harper’s vise. Good luck Justin Trudeau.

R.G. BurnettNanaimo


To the Editor,

As a Conservative I watched the destruction of the party; the only solace I got was the destruction of the NDP.

The Liberals and Justin Trudeau showed that they still have the ability to win. Trudeau surprised many with his strength in the debates and his leadership. Stephen Harper disappointed many who saw his arrogance in not making himself available for more than five questions at the debates and all party rallies. Tom Mulcair’s personal hate of Harper, without a bit of decorum, was obvious and showed him as a bitter person which I am sure cost his party votes.

The gutless senior ministers and MPs should have insisted Harper step down as leader after the Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin scandal. Instead they let their constituents down and quit before the election, running away with their big pensions.

Once more the socialists on Vancouver Island probably placed us at the bottom of the list for federal funds.

Gardo D. GurrNanaimo


To the Editor,

Amazing the federal election is over, once again voting in an MP belonging to the third party in parliament.

During the election campaign, the Conservatives promised that they would make sure that passenger-only ferry service would be implemented from downtown Nanaimo to downtown Vancouver. How convenient and a great idea that was. Now the foot passenger ferry service will never come into existence.

Just look at the amount of extra federal funding that never hits this riding because of the voting of a majority of the voters.

Enjoy the next four years, but don’t ever complain, you made the choice.

Joe SawchukDuncan


To the Editor,

The malaise which has degradated our country for a decade has finally been removed. Although not a Liberal supporter, I am profoundly relieved that our international reputation has some chance of being resurrected from the gutter.

With a huge international climate conference upcoming, I hope that our new prime minister will bring intelligent guarantees to the table. As a world-leading per-person producer of greenhouse gases, nothing else will rehabilitate our reputation.

There is enough coal, gas and oil still to be tapped underground that will cook our world many times over. We need to set an example and leave it in the ground. Otherwise, our children’s world is bleak.

Dave CuttsNanaimo


To the Editor,

Isn’t it time for proportional representation? In both the 2011 and the 2015 elections, less than 40 per cent of those who voted ended up with the government they wanted. In Nanaimo, less than a third of voters supported the winning candidate. In other words, 67 per cent of Nanaimo voters wasted the time and effort they spent voting. Surely a modern democracy can do better than that. If we had proportional representation everybody’s vote would count.

S.I. PetersenNanaimo