Neighbourhood drug concern ruins move to Harbour City

To the Editor,

Wanting a better place to raise my kids, I packed up and jumped the boat for the greener pastures of Nanaimo.

After I moved in and set up house, I discovered a pattern with my neighbour. Cars would pull up, someone would run in for a few seconds and then leave.

The first hot day we had, I could smell a stench like I had never smelled before. It was worse than any dump I’ve ever been to. I went to the neighbour’s house to express my concerns and could see rats on the counter in the kitchen.

They would not open the door and threatened me if I ever came back.

I called the police who told me that there was nothing they could do unless they could see drugs in the house. I then called the city who told me health conditions was not their department.

I am worried the kids are going get bit by a rat or find a used needle. I can’t afford to move, but also don’t think I should have to.

I am so disappointed in my new city and think some awareness is warranted here.

Peter De Broder