NDSS plan would revamp city’s facilities

The B.C. Summer Games highlighted the need to upgrade our community sports facilities.

To the Editor,

Re: Summer Games stir city pride, Editorial, July 22.

Your editorial was a welcome and positive affirmation of the importance of community support needed to benefit our young athletes. The consistent support this community has provided for the various provincial games has been outstanding.

However, the Games also, once again, highlighted the need to upgrade our community sports facilities. We have moved from a small community to a city of some 80,000 people and a regional population near 125,000. Key facilities need to be replaced and updated.

Over the past five years, the school board, Vancouver Island University and the City of Nanaimo have moved to a new level of co-operation in use of public lands and the need to upgrade public facilities. This level of co-operation was a long time in the making and took a lot of effort and development of good will.

A major report that will be going to the public for feedback is the development of the Nanaimo District Secondary School site. This proposal would see the replacement of an aging school, the possible redesign and rebuild of the Rotary Bowl to increase access to more community facilities for sports and community events and other initiatives for this area.

This plan will be out for public comment and community support soon. This public support will be critical in obtaining support for government funding to complete the project.

Nelson AllenNanaimo