Nanaimo’s air quality harmed by pulp mill

Re: Breathe it all in!, Sept. 29.

To the Editor,

Re: Breathe it all in!, Sept. 29.

If Nanaimo has the fourth-best air in the world, the world’s air is in big trouble.

Harmac polluting less? It only coincides with less production, not a big operational change.

Just wait for the stink when they shut down for maintenance this month.

If Mayor John Ruttan, from Lantzville, is so proud of our air, he should ask the career councillors why then did they allow Coastland Industries to switch from burning natural gas to salt-water hog fuel that is now spewing dioxins and furran particulate in the same ‘fallout’ zone as Harmac’s stacks.

South Nanaimo concerns were snubbed and completely invalid to council.

It would not surprise me if the number of children with respiratory, heart or lung disease is greater at Bayview and Chase River schools.

Neil Saunders