Nanaimo ctiy council has deeper problems

NANAIMO – Re: Minority signs code of conduct, Aug. 20.

To the Editor,

Re: Minority signs code of conduct, Aug. 20.

I sat in on the governance meetings where the code of conduct document was discussed. I too believe in the value of respectful behaviour. However, I see this document as a cover-up for a more serious problem.  In my opinion, this council is like a dysfunctional family and the ‘troublemakers’ are the individuals who are letting us know that things are not as pretty as some would like us to believe.

No amount of politeness and respectful behaviour can cover up the fact that we have a mayor and staff who are not abiding by the rules, and yes, those rules were also covered in the governance meetings.

It was very clearly stated that the majority of council decisions must be supported by all of council and this was not done on several occasions.

I applaud anyone who speaks loudly and consistently against a system that supports this lack of democratic process. My hope is that the core problem will be addressed and not just prettied up with good behaviour.

Roblyn HunterNanaimo