Ministry must step in on ferry fares

Re: It’s no joke, ferry fares just skyrocketed, April 2.

To the Editor,

Re: It’s no joke, ferry fares just skyrocketed, April 2.

B.C. Ferries rate hikes are quite frankly unconscionable, given the exorbitant salaries these people are getting for running our Crown corporation as a privatized essential service.

Fuel guzzling ferries from Germany are also a sad part of B.C. Ferries history. What direction are we going and at what cost?

These are criminal acts perpetrated upon us by this Liberal government. No different than B.C. Rail, just to be clear.

The minister of transportation must act swiftly, effectively rolling back and freezing rates.

Islanders are being held at ransom with the blessing of this government. The cost of our goods will be increasing as a direct result of these fare hikes.

Kiss the tourist industry goodbye, as well as visits from family and friends. There is such a thing as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Let’s have a provincial election. I assure you the desire for a provincial election is far greater than this federal election we are having. We deserve better.

Serge Vaillancourt