Message from residents not reaching five councillors

NANAIMO – Public support for Colliery Dam Park dams 'truly amazing.'


To the Editor,

Recently I walked with those trying win support for saving the Colliery Dam Park dams.

It’s too bad city council did not walk with us, for the support we got from the public was truly amazing.

We had children telling us how important the dams were to them and how much they wanted it saved. We had many young people from the youth centre on Bastion Street asking what they could do to save the dams. We had at least 75 to 80 per cent support from all ages.

They understand the importance of the Colliery dams to the people of Nanaimo.

The majority of the people could not understand how any councillor who cared for Nanaimo could ever think of voting not to build the new dams as the old ones are removed.

We need the five councillors who voted to destroy the dams to get out and listen to the people.

Terry Wagstaff