Meaning of ‘Empire’ can be redefined

NANAIMO – Re: No room for ‘Empire’ in today’s society, Letters, June 8.

To the Editor,

Re: No room for ‘Empire’ in today’s society, Letters, June 8.

I disagree with the removal of the word ‘Empire’ in the Nanaimo May long weekend celebrations.

Empire Days is about unification and the celebration of freedoms within the empire. The written history of Empire Days celebrations in Nanaimo states all types of sporting activity and celebration by all races and nationalities.

The word ‘Empire’ means many different things depending on the era. We can’t erase history, but we can redefine of our own ‘empire.’ One that includes some ideas that Gord Fuller writes about.

Some people in the community want to change the meaning of Empire Days and also paint it with a different brush using only a tone of grey history.

Using words like racism in the same sentence as Empire Days could be true if the Empire had failed to protect itself in the First and Second World Wars.

The loss of either war could have resulted in many of us not existing today or maybe marching to a different tune under a racist dictator.

Regardless, my family and many First Nations have taken up arms to protect this land under the direction of the Empire.

We can all be glad that the Empire did maintain the Commonwealth as a place of freedom.

The diversity of nationalities that populate Nanaimo is proof we can all live together on one planet without war.

Matt James