Many uses intended for social houses

Re: City backs off on Bowen Road social housing, June 2.

To the Editor,

Re: City backs off on Bowen Road social housing, June 2.

City council’s decision to rezone and put on hold the property on Bowen Road is astute.

A lack of communication and too much misinformation has been part of the problem with the process for creating supportive housing.

Focusing on the misnomer of ‘wet housing’ has muddied the original intent and uses suggested for all proposed sites.

Only two were considered to be low-barrier. The following, taken in part from the Memorandum of Understanding at, are suggested uses:

1598 Townsite Rd. at Dufferin Crescent – Given the proximity to the hospital and associated services, this site may be suitable for tenants with mental health and addictions issues.

1402-1590 Bowen Rd. – Could accommodate commercial or service uses at ground level and apartment-style housing above. The property provides multiple transportation options and could serve more independent tenants in about 30 units.

437-445 Wesley St. and 421 Franklyn St. – Given the proximity of a range of services and resources, the development could be conducive to bachelor suites for homeless singles and those in need of higher levels of support services.

477 Tenth St. – Owned by the Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre, this property will be developed into an innovative 10-unit housing development for youth and elders.

I have removed 3515 Hillside Ave. site, as I believe it has been withdrawn.

The proposed north end site is a result of cutting by half the number of units on the Dufferin site. I hope readers find this useful and it alleviates some confusion.

Gordon W. Fuller