Male, female emotions bring meaning to life

NANAIMO – We should not think of men and women as islands.

To the Editor,

There seems to be a widening perspective that in order to make a better world, we must cultivate more feminine energy.

Masculine energy appears to be regarded as insensitive and destructive, and men must learn to embrace their feminine side.

I disagree.

Men don’t have a true feminine side, and masculine and feminine expressions are merely different tones of the same emotion.

Masculine and feminine energies are both capable of all the spectrum of human emotions and come with subtle differences in priorities, approach, appreciation and focus from each other.

You can say when a father and a mother give their love to a child, love is expressed in full spectrum since neither are complete in isolation.

The troubles in this world are gender neutral and they come in the form of greed, narcissism, pride, envy, apathy and ignorance.

We should not think of men and women as islands, but as split opposite polarities that bring richness, identity, and meaning to life when expressed in honesty and purity.

Holden Southward