Location of housing hardly ‘families first’

Re: City hears social housing concerns, Sept. 27.

To the Editor,

Re: City hears social housing concerns, Sept. 27.

Is it the mandate of Nanaimo city council to decide behind closed doors the fate of the many?

Why were we not counted in the final decision to place ‘low-barrier’ (wet) housing in a community of seniors and a block from a secondary school, two blocks from an elementary school?

Where is the mentality of the people who make these decisions for our community?

I certainly hope that when the final numbers are counted, our council will be able to see with some clarity this is not a decision that is good for the community as a whole – not any place in the community where the residents are young children or senior citizens is this a viable option.

Not anywhere close to a secondary school, senior facility, elementary school or in a place where it is all private residences and away from where there is the most help available for these unfortunate people.

It is agreed that something needs to be done, but let us not discount the fact that the impact on our community must be minimized.

We need to provide services to those who need it to build our communities and make them stronger.

Let us think on what the government did for the mentally handicapped when they closed Riverview and other similar facilities and hope the money would be better spent to help these unfortunates or to house our many needy seniors. After all, they are the ones who helped build our country/communities and have more than paid their dues.

How does the decision of city council fit into Premier Christy Clark’s mandate for ‘families first’?

Pat and Jim Callender