Liberals alter process

NANAIMO – Liberals' 10-year education 'deal' smaks of government interference.

To the Editor,

Does no one else have a problem with B.C. Premier Christy Clark presenting her 10-year deal hours before a legitimately ratified deal is reached between the B.C. Teachers’ Federation and the  B.C. Public School Employers’ Association?

It appears the BCPSEA were not taking her calls that week and she had to reach out to her friends in the media.

I am once again appalled at the lack of conversation on this issue by our mainstream media. If this does not smack of government attempting to influence and alter a process that was clearly well under way and handled in a democratic manner, what does?

Shame on radio stations and television reporters for sitting back comfortably on their couches, reading carefully scripted memos provided by Liberal Party funds rather than reporting on this type of practice that has become signature of our current government.

Ironically, it would appear that the only way we are going to once again have real reporting in British Columbia is to elect an NDP government.

Wendy deGroot