Doctors could be forced to make difficult decisions about which patients get ventilators in intensive care units, says letter writer. (Stock photo)

Doctors could be forced to make difficult decisions about which patients get ventilators in intensive care units, says letter writer. (Stock photo)

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Ventilators should go to patients who did their part to combat virus

Anti-vaxxers putting doctors in a position to have to make difficult choices, say letter writers

To the editor,

First, let me send a huge virtual hug to all of B.C.s front-line workers. The dedication they have shown throughout this pandemic is beyond exemplary.

Our B.C. doctors may soon be faced with a horrific decision: who gets life support and who doesn’t, because, it appears, of the unvaccinated and the fourth wave of COVID-19.

I ask those doctors and others this question when considering that decision. Age should not be a defining point. Should a 60-plus person who has worked all their life, raised a family, has children and grandkids, who listened to the science, social distanced, wore a mask, kept to their bubble, guarded and encouraged their family and friends to get vaccinated, whose outcome may not be as great due to age or underlying health issues, be denied ventilator? They may have found themselves for unforeseen reasons in ICU struggling and in need of a ventilator.

Why should an unvaccinated 20 or 30 year old who defied all science, who carried a sign and protested ‘their bodies their choice’ in front of the very hospital they perhaps find themselves in and fighting for their lives be more entitled to that same ventilator?

Perhaps the decision should first and foremost be who took the precautions, who listened to doctors and respected the science, who has contributed to society and will. It is shown that it is the unvaccinated who are the major factor in this fourth wave and clogging our hospitals.

They chose their behaviours now sadly we are all suffering what should be their consequences. To all those who choose not to be vaccinated – and I’m not talking about those who can’t because of health reasons – stop putting doctors in that position of having to maybe choose. Stop making others pay your consequences for your choices.

D. Charmley, Nanaimo

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To the editor,

Governments have the right to protect their citizens. Having a mandate for vaccinations, masks and social distancing is required.

All medical and care-home facilities should have the right to refuse medical aid to those who say it is their right to refuse vaccinations, etc. – they should have their treatment at home by those who agree with them. This would free up bed space and provide extra space for those who require other medical treatment. The vaccinated health workers have rights to be protected.

E. McGrath, Nanaimo

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To the editor,

I hope the unvaccinators are happy that they have caused surgeries to be cancelled in NRGH and are taking up all the room in ICU, using ventilators, etc.

I have absolutely no sympathy for them. They should really be kicked out of hospital to leave space for those with genuine sickness. These are completely selfish individuals and should be left at home. These are the ones who were demonstrating outside hospitals and are now crying and begging for help from our front-line workers who are already exhausted from 2020 and deserve appreciation and gratitude.

J. Vance, Nanaimo

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