Departure Bay’s speed limits are illogical, suggests letter writer. (Photo submitted)

Departure Bay’s speed limits are illogical, suggests letter writer. (Photo submitted)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Speed limits creating confusion for motorists at Departure Bay

Speed limit next to playground is already 30km/h, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: City will again lower speed limit on Departure Bay Road to 40km/h, May 6.

I would like the city to explain the logic of posting 40-kilometres-per-hour signs in the Departure Bay beach area.

Given that it is a beach area, there are two lighted crosswalks, businesses and a children’s playground where 30km/h is mandatory dawn to dusk, why isn’t it 30km/h from the Hammond Bay-Departure Bay road traffic lights to past Loat Street? Why did the city go to the expense in the past year of putting up 40km/h signs, covering them up, then uncovering them, after some sort of study had been done? The 40km/h sign is within metres of the 30km/h sign through the designated beach area. So what is the logic?

Linda Moore, Nanaimo

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