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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Seniors in long-term care deserve better

Stricter health and safety mandates should be enforced to help protect elderly, says letter writer

To the editor,

Many seniors living in long-term care continue to face unnecessary exposure to COVID and extreme isolation.

Public health officials have publicly stated that rapid tests are being used in long-term care; however, there is still no mandate on who is to be tested. Many facilities only test ‘essential visitors,’ while other homes test staff just once a week and no visitors at all. There is no clarity or consistency around who should get rapid tests and how often.

The province has publicly stated that everyone should be able to have at least one visitor. This is still not current practice at many LTC homes across our province. Individual LTC homes are once again making up their own rules determining and redefining ‘essential visitor’ requirements and declining too many requests by family to visit even palliative seniors. Families and their loved ones in care are distraught once again at the completely inhumane separation from each other. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to those homes that continue to allow visitors, your vision and care are a light in a very dark world. Everyone needs someone, let’s make sure that happens.

Why isn’t the provincial health officer keeping our loved ones safe? Why are her recommendations not enforceable mandates? Why doesn’t she make them clear and not open to individual interpretation?

The seniors in long-term care are once again being put in harm’s way by the very people charged with their care and safety. Dr. Bonnie Henry, this is not OK.

Mary Dewar, Nanaimo

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