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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Senior-friendly city includes better bus service

Bus stops a half-hour walk away don’t get seniors out of their cars, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: Nanaimo seeks ‘age-friendly’ designation, Aug. 15.

I had to laugh when I read that council was planning to examine a series of improvements for seniors that included transportation, presumably buses. Really, transportation in rapidly expanding Nanaimo? Long overdue.

We have spent much of our lives in towns and cities around the world, but we have never encountered such a pathetic public transportation system as this one. But when we decided to retire to Nanaimo a few years ago we looked forward to keeping the car in the garage most of the time, and getting around by bus.

I was optimistic at first when I discovered, just a block from our house, a bench at the base of a bus sign. Unfortunately, less than two weeks later, before I even had time work out bus schedules, a sign on the pole stated that this route number had been discontinued and alternative routing should be used. Incidentally the bench is still there – waiting for Godot I suppose! In fact, on my walks I have sometimes been asked by passersby why the city would put a bench in that location. Alas I had to explain that there used to be bus route there. Maybe somebody knows that a bus will eventually return? Currently the nearest bus stop is a half-hour walk away.

So in the meantime we shall continue to perpetuate global warming when we have to visit the hospital, clinics, and other essential venues. It’s a sad situation, when successive city councils have refrained from doing something to mitigate climate catastrophe and help seniors at the same time. Yet there may still be time do something positive, and put my car back in its garage.

James and Louise Hudson, Nanaimo

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