The corner of Opal Road and Rock City Road. (News Bulletin photo)

The corner of Opal Road and Rock City Road. (News Bulletin photo)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Opal Road was never dangerous until it was blocked off

Traffic calming is creating problems where none existed before, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: City council asks for another report on ‘high-speed shortcut’ road, Jan. 21.

We have been using Opal as a shortcut for years, never have I seen it busy. There are three speed bumps, how can anyone speed? We have never seen any children walking or playing on the road. This was a totally uncalled for blockage. I saw a beef in your paper regarding making an illegal left onto Rock City (which we all do) saying how dangerous it was. Never have I seen a car coming down from Rock City Road – not dangerous to anybody.

Now everyone has a problem. There are backups on Uplands trying to get a left on Departure Bay Road and more traffic on Adbey trying to get on Departure Bay Road because Uplands is so busy.

To make matters worse, this blockage is flowing more traffic to two school zones.

This was not looked into properly.

L.J. Medves, Nanaimo

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