LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘None of the above’ was the top choice of riding’s residents

The largest voting share in Nanaimo-Ladysmith was no vote, points out letter writer

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Canadian Press photo

To the editor,

Re: NDP’s Barron to be next MP after mail-in votes counted, Sept. 29.

Lisa Marie Barron says she’s honoured that this community has put their trust in her electing her as the new member of Parliament. She was probably just mouthing a platitude. The largest voting block in Nanaimo-Ladysmith was no vote. Pathetic, but understandable.

Of the 64 per cent who voted, Ms Barron got 28.9 per cent of the vote. So we can estimate that 18 per cent of the community supported her, and for those who voted, 28.9 per cent wanted her to represent them in Ottawa and 71.1 per cent wanted someone else.

If we were just starting to set up Canada as a democratic nation, we would never choose such a flawed electoral system when there are systems available where citizens are more involved and almost every voter elects someone to represent them in Parliament.

Jim Bell, Lantzville

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To the editor,

Over $600 million spent on an election nobody wanted except our prime minister and his party. This accomplished nothing – basically the same results.

That money could have gone to some very good things for Canadians. It is not right that the majority party has an open cheque book from the Canadian people to spend hundreds of millions whenever they feel an election will do them the most good and increase their power. This is all Canadians’ money.

It is time to make some responsible changes and hold elections only every four years. All parties would have to work together for four years with no surprise elections in between. This would save a huge amount of money and Canadians would know exactly when to expect an election.

Lynn Kropinak, Lantzville

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