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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nanaimo’s Terminal Avenue lanes too narrow

Letter writer unimpressed so far with downtown road work
The median gets filled May 27 following paving of Terminal Avenue.

To the editor, 

I am talking to ICBC and my lawyer, getting ready for a car to swipe mine in the new narrow lanes of Terminal Avenue and Nicol Street. 

The city seems to want to get rid of business in the downtown core. Soon vehicles will be side by side, scraping the paint off doors, as we do Nanaimo’s version of the Colwood crawl. The filling out of sidewalks, especially at corners, the new centre boulevard with trees and lights and the smaller turn lanes will make sure no one comes downtown. So businesses and you too, like me, should get ready to sue the city of Nanaimo. It is their make-believe world that is already stifling traffic and decaying our city, like the TV series just shot downtown, complete with tumbleweeds and broken windows. The city is making downtown a true-to-life nightmare. 

Moira Woods, Lantzville 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Downtown Nanaimo dependent on traffic flowing 

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