Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. (NEWS BULLETIN file photo)

Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. (NEWS BULLETIN file photo)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nanaimo hospital filled to capacity

Governments have ignored Nanaimo Regional General Hospital over the years, says letter writer

To the editor,

Shame on Premier John Horgan, shame on former premier Christy Clark and shame on the federal government for allowing the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital to be ignored over the years resulting in the facility operating over maximum capacity. We expect individuals elected to these positions to have the ability to plan for the future, not only the four years they are in office.

Shame on all those who ignore our growing community’s medical needs leaving us with a hospital constructed in 1962 when the total population of British Columbia wasn’t near what it is today.

Shame on the premier not to understand that our loved ones are placed in hallways that are now used as permanent rooms by installing curtains or simply left in the open as the facility is past its breaking point.

Even if a budget was approved today, an addition to the complex will take 10 years before it comes on line.

Timothy Hurt, Nanaimo

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