The Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria. (Chad Hipolito/Canadian Press)

The Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria. (Chad Hipolito/Canadian Press)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Museum millions ‘ludicrous’

B.C.ers would prefer good health care rather than $789 million on a new museum, says letter writer

To the editor,

My husband and I voted for the premier’s party in the last election, but to spend three-quarters of a billion dollars on a new museum when we are desperately in need of better health care, lower gas prices and more physicians is ludicrous. The premier will not get our vote in the next election and we will canvass against the government’s re-election. The premier is playing fast and loose with our tax dollars and not taking care of this province’s needs.

The premier of all people knows how important good health care is, but I would imagine he didn’t have to worry about a family physician or long hospital waits for care. Don’t all British Columbians deserve that? There are people in B.C. who do not have a physician, there are people who are on a very long wait for specialists appointments or surgeries. I am sure $789 million could go a long way to correcting these problems. There is a shortage of nurses in our province and $789 million could train many new nurses.

Had the premier asked the people of B.C. which they would prefer, good health care in a timely manner or to spend $789 million on a new museum, the answer from the majority would not have been a new museum.

The premier suggested we think before we drive places to save money, maybe he should think before spending our money on unnecessary things. I hope he thinks long and hard about how he is handling the position he was elected to and how best to help all British Columbians.

Jean Benwell, Nanaimo

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