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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Limiting natural gas in Nanaimo will stress electrical grid

City councillors have shown themselves to be radical environmentalists, says letter writer
Banning natural gas as the primary heat source in new buildings in Nanaimo will have no effect on global warming, says letter writer. (News Bulletin file photo)

To the editor,

Re: Natural gas won’t be main heat source in new homes, Sept. 6.

While voters can be forgiven for their well-intentioned support of politicians who claim to care for the environment (don’t most people?), they should now realize that many of these individuals have turned out to be radical environmentalists.

The recent council motion to ban natural gas as a primary heat source in new developments is a case in point. Banning inexpensive, reliable and abundant natural gas, even if it was implemented nationwide, would have exactly zero measurable impact on atmospheric CO2 levels or global warming. Instead, this will limit consumers’ energy choices to only one option, electricity, which is in limited supply and is facing increasing demand from the electrification of everything. In a free-market economy, the consumer should be the one making their own purchasing decisions, not the government.

There are no new capacity-generating projects in B.C. Hydro’s development pipeline, while more and more people are drawing on the grid due to population growth and more EVs on the road. Without natural gas as a heating option, the demand on the grid will only increase.

City council was elected to tackle local challenges and to serve citizens of Nanaimo. They should be focusing on pressing civic issues such as ballooning housing costs, petty crime, drug addiction and homelessness, instead of pretending they have the ability to change the climate.

M.W. Saufferer, Nanaimo

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Home energy choices shouldn’t be up to council

To the editor,

Re: Natural gas won’t be main heat source in new homes, Sept. 6.

City councillors are sure causing misery for citizens. It’s become harder and harder to live in Nanaimo.

Taxes went up 7.2 per cent this year and they will no doubt rise by at least that much next year. Don’t they realize food is up, gas is up and they’ve now cut natural gas from new builds – so heating costs will go up.

The majority on this council is strangling traffic and commerce by narrowing our roads. Restaurants are closing, shoplifting is rampant, but people who are addicted to drugs are lighting fires and leaving needles and garbage on our doorsteps. Meantime, the rest of us pay and pay and are afraid to walk our streets.

This city council is not leading to help us live in this very tough financial and crime-ridden time. They are lost in some new world they’re trying to dream up. When will they pinch themselves, wake up and finally realize they are the ones adding to and creating this nightmare?

Jen Darwin, Nanaimo

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