(Jesse Major/Black Press file photo)

(Jesse Major/Black Press file photo)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leaf blowers not only annoying but also a health risk

Letter writer says government has responsibility to reduce impact of harmful activities

To the editor,

Re: Time for a ban on leaf blowers, Nov. 19.

I agree with the recent letter writer’s plea to ban leaf blowers. There’s no argument to the claim that the noise they make is beyond annoying. But leaf blowers aren’t just noise pollutants. They also pollute the air we breathe by blowing up dust that contains lung irritants and other nasty things like carbon black from the pavement and bits of animal excrement.

A more serious impact is when the leaf blower is powered by a two-stroke gas engine. Workers who use these machines are breathing in carcinogenic fumes higher than industrial standards, and these leaf blowers also pollute the atmosphere, contributing to climate change.

All level of governments have a responsibility now to do what they can to reduce the impact of harmful human activities on the environment. In the case of leaf blowers, our local governments should be toughening bylaws for all noise pollutants. Provincial governments are responsible for environmental legislation, but must also consider the health risk these machines pose.

Mary O’Neil, Nanaimo

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