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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lantzville’s housing supply won’t attract health workers

Lantzville needs more housing and in particular more affordable housing, says letter writer
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To the editor,

Re: Long-term care facility coming to Lantzville, Oct. 25.

The long-term care facility to be built in Lantzville is welcome news in many ways, not least that there are a lot of seniors living in Lantzville.

Our mayor chimed in, saying how wonderful that all these workers and visitors will come and visit our pub, our restaurants and our businesses. What he did not say was that some of those working in the facility might like to live nearby in Lantzville, but here is the rub. Average price of a home in Lantzville is $1 million and the present council are adamant that no new development will take place unless it is for more million dollar homes on large lots, something the average health worker neither wants nor can afford. The development of Village South was nixed and other projects which have been approved could end up abandoned by the developer as being too troublesome to pursue.

Lantzville needs more housing and in particular more affordable housing and it also needs modernizing in other ways. Bringing a health-care facility to Lantzville needs to be viewed in the context of these unfavourable statistics: Of the 1,452 occupied dwellings in Lantzville only 726 have a municipal water and sewer connection, 159 have water but no sewer and an astonishing 567 have neither a water or sewer connection.

In the 21st century Lantzville needs more than a bus stop shelter, painted asphalt sidewalks in the village and roads badly in need of resurfacing.

Roger Green, Lantzville

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