Letter writer says government support of natural gas development will delay reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Letter writer says government support of natural gas development will delay reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government’s support of natural gas development fuels emissions

Acknowledging climate crisis and acting on it are two different things, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: Nanaimo isn’t on track to meet emission targets, Nov. 18.

There are two principal reasons why Nanaimo’s emissions continue to increase.

One is due to previous councils failing to prioritize and fund active transportation (walking, cycling, transit), and the current failure to prioritize safe walking and cycling during the pandemic by narrowing vehicle lanes in favour of pedestrians and cyclists. If we don’t feel safe we will turn to driving.

The other reason is wholly outside of the control of anyone in Nanaimo. It is the Liberal and now the NDP provincial governments spending taxpayers’ money on heavily subsidizing the production of natural gas. This has driven down the cost of this polluting product while electricity prices continue to rise, leading to homeowners switching from clean electricity to natural gas. Municipalities also receive income from Fortis Gas.

Not even our MLAs seem concerned about this.

This is tragic. Not only do buildings being supplied by natural gas risk burning down in the event of the expected earthquake, but when our provincial and federal governments finally divorce their fossil fuel mates then people heating with natural gas will get hit with huge carbon fees.

It is easy to utter the words, ‘climate crisis.’ It is a wholly different matter to act as though our lives are at risk.

Ian Gartshore, Nanaimo

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