Past generations have responded differently in times of hardship, says letter writer. (News Bulletin photo)

Past generations have responded differently in times of hardship, says letter writer. (News Bulletin photo)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Face adversity bravely

Letter writer compares past generations’ response to hardship with today’s response to the pandemic

To the editor,

I think back to past generations who have also undergone serious issues which have affected their lives – the Spanish flu for one. Many deaths and family upheaval.

My grandfather was stationed in France and wounded by shrapnel in the First World War. My parents were in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.

In these examples, people had to make hard decisions. There was great loneliness. I think of the people who lived through the dirty ’30s with limited food, bank closures of homes, very little money for families due to unemployment.

Today, our citizens face a pandemic which has killed thousands of people and will kill thousands more. All we ask is that each of us wear masks, keep our distance, wash hands, get vaccinated and stay away from crowds of people. Unfortunately, many people seem not to have the strength or fortitude to follow these simple rules.

Consequently, my critical thinking suggests that this present generation of people is nowhere near past generations who displayed strength and bravery in the face of hardship.

Doug Wilson, Nanaimo

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