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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cassidy can’t support airport development

Environmental assessment needed on land overtop of aquifer, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: RDN facilitates development of airport lands, Aug. 8.

First, expansion of Nanaimo Airport lands on land legal non-conforming; now, the RDN supports full development, without there ever being a proper environmental assessment.

“OCP amendments would add language intended to safeguard the nearby Cassidy aquifer,” so near, the airport lies above the aquifer. You can expect the village of Cassidy will love the fast food outlets, hotels, retail stores, gas stations, pubs, restaurants, etc., likely in exchange for previously promoted water and sewage treatment, above the aquifer.

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Guess who will pay, when the government stipulated that the Nanaimo Airport was not to receive taxpayer dollars. All those businesses paving over the aquifer, using water in these times of shrinking water resources, on what was farmland in the midst of a farming community. Adjacent communities eyeing the aquifer for their own uses.

No matter the issue, industry and corporations do what they want in collusion with governments, and there appears to be no form of recourse to protect land and life.

Lavonne Garnett, Nanaimo

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