Front Street’s bike lane during a snowy day last week. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)

Front Street’s bike lane during a snowy day last week. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bikes aren’t an option for many residents

Nanaimo’s hills and weather deter many, especially seniors, from cycling, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: Bike lanes benefit everyone, in a way, Letters, Dec. 15.

This letter is a little inaccurate. Nanaimo is now a hot spot for retirees which is one of the reasons why there are so few houses available and the pricing is astronomical. I still see units available in many of the new apartment builds, but their pricing is too high for a good many young people, let alone buying a house.

That being said, how many senior citizens do you think will be riding bikes in this city? Not many, I believe. I know I won’t. The hills and weather are just not going to draw them to use a bike. Many of the younger people can’t afford to live here. Some have small children whom they will not be able to transport without a vehicle. Some of you will suggest transit – I once took the bus from Port Place to Woodgrove. It took over an hour and this was the express line.

It’s nonsense to say that bike riding will benefit and accommodate 100 per cent of humanity and other living things. There is just not enough interest in the use of bikes and any benefit to global warming, carbon footprint, pollution, etc. will be so minimal it will not be noticed for many generations to come if at all. What a waste of money.

Robin Hulme, Nanaimo

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