Leftist writer missing other writing

Re: Columnist neither insightful nor amusing, Letters, Sept. 20.

To the Editor,

Re: Columnist neither insightful nor amusing, Letters, Sept. 20.

It seems typical of the left-wing that if they don’t like your views then you’ve “had your day” and it’s “time to be given a rest”.

I’m reminded of the period before SUN TV came on the air, when some leftists were claiming it shouldn’t be granted a licence because they thought it could corrupt our minds with right-wing dogma. I think they were calling it Fox News North.

If Greg Roscow is seeing only Tom Fletcher editorials “every time” he opens the News Bulletin, then he’s missing some good columns by other writers. Not that I agree with all of them (including Fletcher at times), but I’ve certainly seen diversification.

I noticed several cheap shots at Fletcher in Roscow’s letter, but nothing to counter Fletcher’s view. I’m sure that the ‘Readers respond’ section is meant to be an exchange of ideas as well as opinions.

If Fletcher’s defence of the HST was so unpopular, consider the simple arithmetic that indicates the HST was rescinded by less than one-third of the voting public (52 per cent of the 56 per cent who voted).

While that’s the problem with people not bothering to vote, can it be considered a popular result? And as an aside, how many “fly-by-night” companies have gone on to become “multinationals”?

Perhaps the left-wing would be happier with their own Pravda or a Peoples Daily.

Jim Corder