Lantzville council’s actions sheer pettiness to farmer

Re: Compassion Farm in Lantzville.

To the Editor,

Re: Compassion Farm in Lantzville.

I have resisted writing a letter to the editor with regards to the District of Lantzville versus Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw’s Compassion Farm.

To me the idea of urban farming is a no brainer and when a city like Nanaimo includes the idea of such within their zoning bylaw it shows just how much so this is.

Urban farming is a win-win for all and the District of Lantzville needs to get on with it instead of persecuting those who have.

The latest stunt pulled by the mayor and council of Lantzville has me shaking my head in disbelief.

For many years, Mr. Becker has had a booth, apparently the only one to do with farming, at Lantzville’s Minetown Day annual country fair.  This year, he will not be allowed to participate, “given the current zoning infractions and potential legal action relating to your property.”  The official notice from the district then goes on to state that, “… should your current zoning contravention issues be resolved, we would welcome your participation.”

The only difference between Dirk and Nicole attending Minetown Day this year and those previous is that there is now, after many years of allowing their participation as well as a disregard by the district for any zoning issues prior to now, the potential of legal action.  This is nothing but sheer pettiness and an abuse of power on the part of those on Lantzville’s council that support this.

Gord Fuller