Land purchase a good start

NANAIMO – Re: Property purchase will prove costly, Letters, Jan. 3.

To the Editor,

Re: Property purchase will prove costly, Letters, Jan. 3.

I tend to disagree with Terrance Wagstaff’s negative comments about the recent purchase of the waterfront industrial property in Nanaimo.

We need to move forward and make Nanaimo a destination location that will prove to be a hub of activity in Vancouver Island’s future.

My only fear is that we will build something that is far too small to accommodate large audiences such a cruise ships. We should be looking at proven U.S. multipurpose venues that exist today and use a similar building template that can co-ordinate events quickly and efficiently.

And there could not be a better location to put a sporting, performing arts and commerce venue on Vancouver Island. This will promote the use of B.C. Ferries, the E&N railway and the cruise ship port as a place to visit and spend money.

Plus, the agreed partnering with First Nations on this project will be a positive step forward.

The only thing that could be better is if the city were to purchase the whole rail yard instead of only half of it.

The promotion of fear mongering because of pollution in the dirt or an earthquake is really getting tired.

It is time to ignore the nonsense and build something that can really contribute toward job creation, tourism and positive cash flow into this city.

Matt James