Just say no to stickers

NANAIMO – Letter writer doubts stickers on gas pumps will reduce consumption.

To the Editor,

Our Horizons is touring the country in an effort to convince municipalities to support bylaws requiring climate change warning stickers on pump nozzles at local gas stations. Are they, by any chance, walking? Perhaps it’s just me, but I doubt seeing a sticker on the gas pump will convince many people not to buy gas.

In this world of ever-expanding warning labels what’s next? A sticker with a picture of an overweight person an all food that isn’t healthy? Or a sticker with a picture of a drunk on all alcoholic beverages? Ultimately will there be a sticker on stickers warning people to stop wasting trees, oil and ink on stickers?

Perhaps Our Horizons should stop touring and use e-mails instead.

S.I. PetersenNanaimo

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