Island dwellers need a bridge

NANAIMO – Re: Ferry fares increase, March 12.

To the Editor,

Re: Ferry fares increase, March 12.

Am I the only resident left on Vancouver Island that finds the next increase for B.C. Ferries absolutely ludicrous?

All we are hearing is their challenges with rising fuel costs, problems with the fleet, etc.

Now the government is considering another crossing beside one that’s already existing. Carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, money going to fix docks damaged by ferries … we are simply at the mercy of B.C. Ferries.

I am not going to make friends with individuals who might lose a job if a bridge is built, but we can’t continue this way.

If I decide to move my family to Salt Spring Island, I would expect a hardship getting back and forth. I would also expect to pay to get there.

If I need to get to Vancouver from Victoria, I would gladly pay a toll to drive to Qualicum, across to Gibsons, Horseshoe Bay and on to Vancouver.

Every resident of Vancouver Island would benefit from a crossing to the mainland. It won’t be an easy project, but P.E.I. made it happen fairly easy.

Throw money at it and things will happen. Just stop throwing good money at a wasteful transportation system.

Greg Theriault

Via e-mail