Intent to destroy Colliery dams remains

NANAIMO – Most citizens paying attention to the developments know the decision to destroy the Colliery Dam Park dams remains.

To the Editor,

Most citizens paying attention to the developments know the decision to destroy the Colliery Dam Park dams remains, despite attempts to appease the public by considering all options.

Efforts to provide alternatives by the Save the Colliery Dams Society continue to fall on deaf ears.

Cost effective alternatives were provided while still focusing on public safety, however, this would negate profit for those involved.

As people directly affected by this decision to destroy a 100-year-old ecosystem within the city limits, we all remain hopeful that common sense will prevail, while feeling disheartened as the decision has already been made.

Why does the reinforcement have to be stronger than any structure in the entire city?  1:10,000 is not even a number used in the U.S. How many dams in the province are built to this standard?

Is the city annex building to up to this standard? What about the schools within the city?

With the entire downtown built on mines how are they reinforced?

We have a little piece of paradise in the south end, why destroy it? Council must be leaders in sustainability rather than representing corporate greed.

The park represents social sustainability. City staff are saying it is better to take away peoples’ livelihood, fun, sanctuary, food source, research opportunities, fitness, health, relaxation, family time and recreation. Is this not what keeps a community or society healthy?

Are they telling us we will be satisfied with our little, manicured park after all beavers, otters, eagles, osprey, owls, herons, fish and other creatures are all dead.

Mother Nature is impossible to replicate. Without water, the dams will never be the same.

Lastly, how much of the ecosystem will be destroyed downstream from the dams? Will the silt and sediment destroy salmon stocks in the various small streams as a result of the destruction?

Everything has a ripple effect.

The reasoning is poor business and only benefits those who profit.

I am more than willing to pay more property tax to remediate the dams, however, I am not willing to pay to have them destroyed.

Tammie Wylie