Industry transports bitumen safely

Continued safe marine and pipeline transport of hydrocarbons is in everybody’s interest.

To the Editor,

Re: Refined oil safer for B.C.’s coast, Opinion, April 22.

Continued safe marine and pipeline transport of hydrocarbons is in everybody’s interest so Canadians can realize value for resources and oil producers can continue to deliver jobs and economic benefits. No one wants a spill of any product at any time.

David Black’s op-ed incorrectly suggests the Canadian oil industry is not interested in the proposed refinery project and that transporting diluted bitumen is more risky than transporting other types of oil because of its chemical properties.

Oil producers are seeking increased access to existing and new markets. All options to achieve that goal are worthy of study.

And diluted bitumen is no more dangerous than other types of crude oil. Chemically, there’s nothing about diluted bitumen the transportation system cannot be prepared to manage. Whether it moves by pipelines or tankers, dilbit meets the same specifications and behaves the same as other crude oils.

There have been several scientific studies completed on diluted bitumen. Earlier this year, the federal government released a research study that demonstrated dilbit floats on salt water – even after evaporation and exposure to light.

Our industry is focused on responsible development of Canada’s resources. We welcome transparency on our safety and environmental performance, based on sound science. As producers, we transport oil with care and attention at all times. We expect all transportation providers to deliver safe services in a responsible manner.

Greg StringhamCanadian Association of Petroleum ProducersCalgary