Individual teachers do plenty of work

Re: B.C. puts heat on teachers, Oct. 29.

To the Editor,

Re: B.C. puts heat on teachers, Oct. 29.

For the BCPSEA to request a fine of 15 per cent of gross salary and benefits for work ‘not done’ when ‘the work not done’ was part of an arbitrated agreeement by the Labour Relations Board is ludicrous.

If this is accepted by the LRB, would any future negotiated LRB rulings for any group be ‘worth the paper’ they are printed on? After all, one side can just go back and say this is too ‘disruptive.’

In regards to the work not done, I arrive at my school at 8 a.m. or earlier every morning and I often do not get home until 6 p.m. or later. I then do a  minimum of one hour of work every evening that is directly related to my job as a teacher.

On the weekends I go into school, where I often see other teachers, and spend hours more time preparing for the upcoming week or doing long-term planning. I choose to do this because I am not given adequate time during my work day to complete these tasks.

This year has been no different. Is the BCPSEA seriously suggesting that the recess duty and staff meetings that I am not participating in are worth 15 per cent of my wage? I find that difficult to believe.

The Minister of Education suggests that it is the lack of assessment that is the problem. The assessments are still happening and the discussion of progress of my students with their parents is also happening.

If the LRB awards this fine, they need to put the onus on the employer to fine the individual teachers who are not doing this work. I don’t think they exist.