Hydro ‘bullying’ smart meter opponents

Re: Fee proposed for meter readings, July 16.

To the Editor,

Re: Fee proposed for meter readings, July 16.

Well, it seems as though we categorize bullying as antagonizing one’s peers. We have to change that to the categorization of corporate government bullying also, regarding B.C. Hydro in its effort to charge the people extra that want to stick up for their rights in the smart meter catastrophe that is hanging over our heads, in Hydro’s endeavour to charge us free world citizens with a surcharge for reading our meter.

The alternative is to give up and let Hydro and government continue to bully us.

Why are they not giving us the opportunity to call in our meter reading as Fortis does? After all, Fortis and Hydro meter readers are one and the same, at least at my house they are, but wait, that would be a reasonable effort to show some initiative to get along with the public, not bullying them.

Dave NobleNanaimo