HST argument nears conclusion

The HST argument is mercifully winding to a close.

To the Editor,

The HST argument is mercifully winding to a close.

The most common points I’ve heard from the few supporters of HST has gone something like this, “we all need to pay taxes; the government needs the money or they wouldn’t be imposing this.”

Well, no. It’s a tired, false argument brought forth only by those few that still have wilfully naive blind trust in the Liberal government which has been spewing  a pack of outright lies throughout.

“We weren’t even thinking of HST before the election.” “We’ll give you a fair referendum process (but we’ll spend $5 million in ads and any third party [our friends] can spend as much as it wants).” “It’s revenue neutral” ad infinitum.

Even the business alliance won’t argue the black and white fact that HST is simply a tax shift from their corporations onto families and small business.

They just hold that it’s good for us to subsidize them and their shareholders.

Yes, the government needs money but why is it we that have to cough up? Why not the big corporations with their healthy bottom lines and exorbitant executive salaries, benefits and pensions?

HST has already cost middle and low-income singles and families hundreds in extra taxes this past year while giving up provincial control of tax policy to the feds. Great deal, eh? I’ve already voted Yes to extinguish this travesty.

Jordan Ellis