HST a draconian tax that must be rejected by province

The HST is simply a reverse Robin Hood tax-grab.

To the Editor,

The HST is simply a reverse Robin Hood tax-grab.

Christy Clark and gang, just like their federal Conservative alter egos, believe the (many) individual taxpayers should subsidize the (fewer) business interests large and small.

This, to them, is the greater good.

Well, we’ve had HST for nearly a year, and surprise, surprise, everything they said about it is proving false.

I absolutely know the tax has cost me more than $350 cash-out-of-my-pocket.

I have not seen one business ‘pass the savings on to the customer’ and there has been no new social program spending to name but a few of the lies foisted upon us.

Now, newly minted minster Kevin Falcon threatens to simply raise the PST an equivalent if the citizenry rejects HST.

Does their overt arrogance and shameless contempt for us know no bounds?

It’s no longer about simply a tax, bad as that is. It’s fundamentally about lack of integrity in government.

The Liberals are counting, once again, on the general disinterest of the populace now that the lightening rod Campbell is gone.

No. This draconian tax must follow him into never-never land.

Jordan Ellis