HST a better taxation system for province

Re: HST argument nears conclusion, Letters, July 21.

To the Editor,

Re: HST argument nears conclusion, Letters, July 21.

It appears that J. Ellis thinks that only those with blind trust in the government want the harmonized sales tax to survive.

Wanting the HST has nothing to do with liking the Liberal government. The HST is a better system of taxation. The anti-HST group has no reputable economists or accountants stepping up and saying it is a bad system.

Experts from these fields agree the HST is a good way of taxing and the best tax system for our province. The HST allows us to be competitive in attracting new business and keeping job producers like the film industry.

It appears the opponents are against the tax because they dislike Gordon Campbell and hate the Liberal government.

If they truly understood the fragmented and awkward PST, there is no way they would want to revert back to the old system. If they believe that defeating the HST will bring back the old style PST/GST, well they are sadly mistaken. You may be in for a big surprise.

Why is it that more than 140 countries and Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes all find the HST a better system? But, it is not good for B.C.? You are not really against the HST; you either don’t like the way it was presented, dislike Campbell, hate the Liberals or all three.

If the NDP introduced this tax system you would think it was the best thing since unions began. We all do need to pay taxes and all governments need money to operate properly.

Bruce Roberts