Housing wisdom won in Nanaimo

Re: Backlash to social housing remains, Letters, Dec. 8.

To the Editor,

Re: Backlash to social housing remains, Letters, Dec. 8.

It is usually best to address issues rather than individuals in a letter to the editor. However, a recent writer to the paper, Lance Geselbracht, wrote something so striking that it calls for a response.

Geselbracht writes, “I am not sure what form it will take.” But makes it clear that, “There will be a backlash against these two wet houses…”

He goes on to say, “I am so glad they were stupid enough to piss off the ‘north-enders’.”

The first of these comments is a scarcely veiled threat. The second is a vulgar characterization of those he criticizes.

Geselbracht concludes by talking of ‘enemies’.  He writes,“Your enemy is my enemy”.

Presumably this is a clumsy attempt to recall the phrase, “The enemy of my friend is my enemy.”

Talk of ‘enemies’ recalls the dark era of U.S. President Richard Nixon. He was notorious for regarding political opponents not as we regard them in our parliamentary system, as “the loyal opposition”, but as enemies.

Fortunately, cooler heads and more compassionate hearts have seen the wisdom of providing housing and social services for the homeless with disabilities.

I welcome this housing and service in my neighbourhood.

Paul Glassen